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Custom Built Computer

Your ideal computer built to your exact specifications or requirements

Custom built PC's - What's the benefit?

A custom built pc means you get exactly what you want and you don't get a load of extras that are of no use to you that you had to pay for anyway!

Usually when you buy a new pc you've done your homework, asked friends for advice and looked at various reviews on the net. You've pretty much made up your mind about what you need so off you go to the major high street retailer with your 'reference' piece of paper in hand.

The salesman appears! You receive the half hour sales talk, you're totally baffled with the talk of megabytes gigawotsits - a few minutes later you are sitting in your car with a new pc, it cost you almost one thousand pounds and it's nothing like the one you wanted!

Ok it has 12 slots for every different camera memory card ever invented but you only need one! Yes, and it has 26 compact discs full of software that you will never use!

The point is that half the money you have spent has been wasted on 'goodies' that you will never make use of, money that would have been better off spent on what you actually needed!

Custom built PC's - Spend your money on exactly what you need!

A custom built pc starts off with a plan, list everything that you want to do with your new pc and everything you expect from it and then prioritize.

Plan to spend the most money on the highest priority component but also keep in mind that the most expensive isn't always the best. Do your homework!

Always buy a top quality motherboard and make sure it's up to date. Consider what you might want to do with your computer in a year or so and will you be able to upgrade it to cope!

Never buy the fastest processor available, get the next one down - the price difference is huge!

Lots of memory will make a huge difference to performance and it's cheap!

Buy a top quality power supply, don't let your new computer struggle for power, it can cause all kinds of problems later on!

Once you've made your mind up give us a call and see what we think!

Custom built PC's - I need a very specialist system, can you help?

We have designed and built many computers for specialist applications and recognise the need for perfect compatibility and extreme reliability.

Call us or email with your requirements or specifications and we'll take care of all the possible issues for you.

Custom built PC's - How do I get a custom built pc? Plan out the system that you want.

Purchase all the components that you need, not forgetting a case to put it all in.

Give us a call and we'll collect everything from you, we'll assemble the system, run it through a series of tests for 24 hours and deliver it back to you all within 48 hours.

What could be better?

And don't forget you can call us or email us at any time for advice.

Custom built PC's - What is the cost of a custom built pc?

A custom built pc can cost as little or as much as you want it to but the greatest benefit of all is that you get exactly what you pay for and nothing less.

Have a look at some of the pc component supply websites to get an idea. We can take care of the whole project from start to finish if you would prefer.

Our charges can be found here for system building and software installation.

Custom built in Kent and London - You won't find a better service!

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