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What is a virus and what does it do?

A virus on your pc is a small program that is deliberately designed to interfere with general operation, corrupt or delete data and also designed to spread throughout the internet. They slow your pc down and cause various other issues.

Sophisticated viruses such as worms can replicate themselves and spread by controlling email programs.

Trojans can falsely appear as a genuine program to coax users into downloading them. They can offer expected results while working in the background destroying your system or other unprotected networked systems.

What is Spyware/Adware and what does it do?

Spyware and adware is a similar nuisance. It can install itself on your computer without your consent, it can come with free software and install simultaneously, it may offer you links to 'special deals' or even heavier versions of spyware without you knowing!

It can collect personal information from your system, browsing habits or just about anything it wants to and send the information back to its creator.

It can change your home page, search page and add additional options to your browser. It can cause havoc with your internet connection and prove very difficult to remove.

The best course of action

When it comes to viruses and spyware the best course of action is to protect your pc the best way that you can.

A little professional help can save you a lot of time, trouble and money.

We can install an anti virus, anti spyware and a firewall on your system and configure it properly so that it does exactly what you need. We will show you how to maintain it, update it and scan for any unwanted guests. We will even make a few little security tweaks to Windows, just for a little added security. All this for the sum of £50.00 - A very small price for peace of mind!

Should I avoid free anti virus/anti spyware software?

Certainly not, in fact we can offer them as part of our security pack to home users. Some of the best and most effective are actually free, but indeed others can be quite damaging.

We have tested a great deal of anti virus and anti spyware programs over the years and we have found that the two best selling or best advertised programs actually slow the pc down to an unacceptable level. They just seem to have too much going on.

How can I avoid viruses and spyware?

Don't even consider using the internet without a trusted anti virus program, a trusted anti spyware program, and a firewall.

As well as these three, always make sure to keep up to date with Microsoft update, Internet Explorer and Office update.

Even if you follow the above there is still a possibility that your pc may become infected. If these programs are not installed & configured properly and most certainly maintained properly, there is still a good chance that you are open to invasion!

You may get a popup and click yes without looking at what it was, you may download something of interest which contains an undesirable program etc.

With all our security packages we always make sure you have a good understanding of what they do, how to keep them maintained and how to make full use of them, otherwise they can't work to their full potential.


Before you close this page or navigate to another page, spend 5 minutes to ask yourself and check:

1) Is your Anti-virus up to date and protecting you?

2) Is your Anti-spyware up to date and protecting you?

3) Is your firewall enabled and protecting you?

Unless you are certain that the answer is yes to all three - YOU ARE AT RISK!

Tomorrow, you could lose your photo's, important documents, yearly accounts.

Don't take that chance - Get protected today - Call us.

Oh, and if it's already too late - please visit our data recovery page and we'll do the best we can!

Virus protection and virus removal - whatever your needs we have a solution!

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