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Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is a great step forward in technology and proves a very convenient way of getting on the web!

Wireless internet does away with the need for wires trailing all around the home or workplace and gives you the flexibility of working where you want.

The setup costs are very reasonable which would include a wireless router plus a wireless network adapter for each pc, although most laptops now come with wireless 'wifi' already installed.

A good quality wireless router for home use would typically cost about £50.00 or less and quite often include a wireless adapter. If a wireless adapter is not included, they can usually be bought for about £30.00 or less.

Wireless router set-up

Setting up a wireless router can be a bit of a challenge even for the more experienced user. Even if you manage to get the whole setup working to a fashion, you may then find that you cannot share files or printers and then the entire setup stops working altogether!

Don't pull your hair out and don't throw it out of the window! We receive many calls each week asking us for assistance with wireless router installation.

A full wireless router installation usually just takes an hour or two. This would typically include:

1) Working out the best position for the wireless router so that reception was adequate all around the house, and garden if necessary

2) Configuration of the wireless router ie, username and password, firewall settings and wireless security settings etc.

3) Configuration and connection of the wireless adapters on each pc, setting up security and checking signal strength and reliability etc.

4) Configuration of any file and printer sharing as necessary.

5) The most important and most often overlooked part of the setup is checking and testing the security of the wireless system.

Every week we come across unsecured wireless networks, this is inviting others to see your personal files and do with them what they will. Don't be a victim!

Wireless network security testing

Can you be sure that your wireless network, router is secure? Would you know if someone had stolen information from your system?

Testing the security of your wireless setup can be completed in a very short time and we charge our minimum rate of just £55.00 Is it worth leaving it to chance or would you rather know that you had taken every precaution to make sure your wireless network was secure?

Quotations for installing

All our quotations are free of charge and we may even have ideas that you hadn't thought of or have solutions that you thought were not possible!

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We can take care of all your wireless network, internet needs whether you have bought the equipment yourself or if you would like us to supply it for you.

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